1. exhibition view, On Drawing, Lage Egal

    exhibition view, On Drawing, Lage Egal

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      exhibition view, On Drawing, Lage Egal

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      On Drawing, exhibition view, Lage Egal, Berlin.

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      Drawing 2012-on going, Mila Panic

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      Searching for Motion V, VI and VII, Nina Jorg

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      Untitled, Simon le Ruez

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      Prime Numbers, Lucia Simon Medina

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      'Drawing II', Ana Mendes (photo: Sybille Neumeyer)

    ON DRAWING is an exhibition and performance program, curated by Ana Mendes, that explores the connections between thinking and drawing in the realms of the arts and science.

    The program happened in two venues at the same time. At AUSLAND, there was a performance on the opening night (15th June), in which Ana Mendes, Tabea Magyar and Hanae Utamura presented different works that combine personal, artistic and social implications of drawing. On the 16th of June, the exhibition opened at LAGE EGAL featuring different people who explore how drawing impacts their thinking process – from artists to plumbers, scientists or wanderers, everyone pencils something – so, why and how do we draw?